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Jack and RaiSimon Yong Band (Feat. Lisa Haryono)

Huber's Butchery for Canossaville Children's Home

Huber's Butchery is a proud sponsor of Music for a Cause - Session 3, featuring Jack and Rai and Simon Yong Band (Feat. Lisa Haryono). This session supports Canossaville Children's Home as it's main beneficial social cause. Founded in 1941, Canossaville Children’s Home (CCH) offers residential care to girls aged between 4 years to 12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk. The home's Student Care Centre offers before/after school care for primary school children, including those with hearing impairment, dyslexia and families needing financial assistance. Canossaville Children's Home also uses promotional and preventive approaches to form a creative partnership and collaborate with parents and caregivers to provide children with emotional and psychological support. The Home is run under the guidance of the Canossian Daughters of Charity.

You can donate in support of Huber's Butchery's endeavor to raise funds for Canossaville Children's Home too.

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Catch this free concert on 4th June 16, 1500-1700hrs at SCAPE Playspace.

We will also stream the concert live on Love Action Project's Facebook Page.

Canossaville Children's Home

A happy, confident and resilient child who is creatively other-centred.

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Donate to Canossaville

Jack and Rai

Starting off as solo acoustic musicians more than a decade ago, Jack & Rai came together in 2002 to form an acoustic duo with a chemistry that borders telepathic.

Simon Yong Band (Feat. Lisa Haryono)

Simon Yong is a Singaporean guitarist songwriter known for his work with progressive rock band Zero Sequence, Shirlyn & The UnXpected and most recently with his debut solo instrumental album “Alien Stole My Whiskey” (2013).

Huber's Butchery

Huber’s is a well-known butcher in Singapore with a retail store in Dempsey that offers a wide variety of meat, meat products and sausages. To make up a comprehensive shopping experience for its customers, Huber’s Butchery also offers an extensive range of gourmet groceries. Trained butchers are always available behind the butcher’s counter to give expert advice on meat handling, storage and cooking tips. Home delivery, roasting, portioning, marinating and vacuum packing services are also available.

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