Singapore’s first Social Cause Music Festival, Music for a Cause features 10 local bands supporting 5 social causes. The Music Festival provides a platform to generate awarenss and fundraise for social causes in Singapore. It is also an all-local Music Festival, featuring local artiste/bands performing in support of the social causes, as well as local F&B entrepreneurs who would be setting up booth to sell their F&B cuisines and delicacies to all concert goers.

Silver Ribbon (Singapore)

Positive attitude towards mental health within the community, regardless of race, age or religion by combating mental health stigma.

Session 1 - 3rd June 16, 1930-2230hrs

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Causes for Animals

CAS believes that working hand in hand with other organisations is vital and most importantly, the best means to benefit local street dogs and cats.

Session 2 - 4th June 16, 1300-1445hrs

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Canossaville Children's Home

A happy, confident and resilient child who is creatively other-centred.

Session 3 - 4th June 16, 1500-1700hrs

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Daughters of Tomorrow

Empowering underprivileged women. Enabling freedom of choice.

Session 4 - 4th June 16, 1730-1930hrs

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Migrant Workers Centre

Fair employment practices and the well-being of migrant workers in Singapore.

Session 5 - 4th June 16, 2000-2200hrs

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Support our social causes and local artists, catch the free concerts on 3rd and 4th of June at SCAPE Playspace. Click on the session to learn more about the social cause and the local artists.

SessionTimeArtistsSocial Cause
13rd June 16, 1930-2230hrsGareth Fernandez and The Momma Shop
Juz B
Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
24th June 16, 1300-1445hrsFungkimunkees
Causes for Animals
34th June 16, 1500-1700hrsJack and Rai
Simon Yong Band (Feat. Lisa Haryono)
Canossaville Children's Home
44th June 16, 1730-1930hrsPennylane
Daughters of Tomorrow
54th June 16, 2000-2200hrsScarlet Avenue
Migrant Workers' Centre

Gareth Fernandez & The Momma Shop

Session 1 (8.00pm, Friday 3 June 2016)

The 5-piece band is led by core members Gareth Fernandez, ANSON KOH onDrums, TITUS NG on Bass, SIKAI GOH on Keys and JAMES LYE on Guitars. Gareth Fernandez & The Momma Shop is known for delivering powerful, emotive renditions of originals and covers, and have becoming amainstay in Gareth's shows.


Session 1 (9.15pm, Friday 3 June 2016)

Probably one of the most popular and well-known band coming out from Channel U's Superband Competition. Known for their Soulful Performances and On-Stage Antics, this Award-Winning Group bagged awards at the 2nd Asian Acappella Festival/Competition. They captured the hearts of Taiwanese acappella supporters in Taipei as well as China when they were invited to perform for the Asean Summit in Nanning.


Session 2 (1.00pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

An 12-piece band that plays some of the funkiest & grooviest music in Singapore. With a truly international line-up that includes musicians from the US, Europe, South America & South East Asia, the Munkees have performed over 100 shows across Singapore, as well as headlining at the music festival 'Penhstock' in 'Phnom Penh', Cambodia (2012), and featured in 'Singapore International Jazz Festival' (2014 & 2015), 'Beerfest Asia' (2012 & 2014), 'Singapore Airlines Grand Prix' (2014) and more.


Session 2 (2.00pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

Afterhours is a 5-6 piece band with a strong repertoire and a wide range of music genre. The musicians that make up the band has a strong portfolio of Artists that they are still working with or have worked with. Keeping up with the current music trend, the band make things a little more interesting by re-arrange, mash-up or medley 'hit' songs.

Jack & Rai

Session 3 (3.00pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

Starting off as solo acoustic musicians more than a decade ago, Jack & Rai came together in 2002 to form an acoustic duo with a chemistry that borders telepathic. Their easy-going and engaging natures makes any audience feel right at home won them the Elle Magazine's Musician's of the Year in 2009, as well as M:Idea Youth Choice's 'Band I Wanna throw myself at' in 2010 and 2011.

Simon Yong Band feat. Lisa Haryono

Session 3 (4.15pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

Simon Yong is a Singaporean guitarist songwriter known for his work with progressive rock band Zero Sequence, Shirlyn & The UnXpected and most recently with his debut solo instrumental album “Alien Stole My Whiskey” (2013). Since 2013, The Simon Yong Band have performed at the 10th Mosaic Music Festival, two sold out shows at BluJaz Cafe, being an opening act for the all-girl tribute band The Iron Maidens, toured Kuala Lumpur, headlined 9 shows in Tokyo and Osaka in 2014, and another 9 shows in Tokyo the following year in 2015.


Session 4 (5.30pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

PennyLane is a Singapore based band that has been performing in events and nightspots since 2010. They stand out with their infectious energy and powerful vocal harmonies, with the rare feature of every band member being a lead singer in their own right. The band plays music from the 60s to modern Top 40s, rearranged into their own interpretation. PennyLane plays weekly on Wednesday nights at Hive by Wala Wala.


Session 4 (6.45pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

An enthusiastic live band, TABULA seeks to give their audiences a good time by playing good music with true sincerity and endless energy. Having built up a reputation as a reliable and crowd-pleasing live act for the past 8 years, TABULA have been gaining popularity and have proven themselves to be one of the top sought after bands in Singapore.

Scarlet Avenue

Session 5 (8.00pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

Comprising of 2 Singaporean brothers, Amos and Adam, Scarlet Avenue spent their formative years in France and began their musical journey then. Upon coming back to Singapore, they continued their passion in music y writing and performing their songs. In 2013, their vocal quality and song writing captured the attention of Singaporean record label United Records.


Session 5 (9.15pm, Saturday 4 June 2016)

Consisting of four core members, Paraphrase is an acoustic live band. The band covers all the popular tunes spanning from the late 50s till today, in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and of course, English. The bilingual band is not bound to a certain genre of music, jazz, hip hop, techno, or pop etc, preferring to explore and uncover alternative forms of expression for every tune.

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